Historical Background

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences under Uttaradit Rajabhat Institution was established in B.E. 2519 in accord with Teacherís college Act B.E. 2518 under the name ďFaculty if Humanities and Social SciencesĒ comprising social studies, Thai Language, English Language, Drama and  Library Science groups. Formerly under the name of Teacherís college, these subjects were taught in the only name of Education.

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was divided into 11 departments according to task management : Thai Language, Foreign Language, Library Science, Arts, Music, Drama, Philosophy and Religion,  Social Sciences, Political Science and Laws, Geography and History.

    In B.E. 2527, Teacherís College of Act of B.E. 2518 was enacted to ďInstitution of Higher Education and ResearchĒ teaching bachelor degree level both Education and some other fields answering the need of locality.  This was the upgrading of Uttaradit Teacherís College to be the institution of higher education equalizing University comprising 3 faculties : Education, Humanities and Social Sciences and Science and Technology. Later Faculty of Management Science was added to answer the need of locality on more bachelor of Business Management having Dean as the highest executive.

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences comprises many export lecturers in the field of Humanities such as language, music, drama, librarian and philosophy. Social Science field composes of political science, laws, social science, social development, geography and history as well as educational studies.  So the faculty perform duties producing bachelor levels both Educational studies such as Thai Language program, English, Music studies as well as Social Studies and liberal arts comprising English, Business English, work of Arts, Library science, Community Development and Cultural Studies. Besides, the faculty is ready to develop other curriculum in answering the need of locality in future occasion.

    In B.E. 2540, Faculty of  Humanities and Social Sciences tried academical service changing from the department to program starting with Thai language, English and Business English ; the Public Administration Program composed of Social Studies and Community Development, Music, Arts, Library and Information Science. In B.E. 2541, Japanese Language was set as the eight program.

    In B.E. 2542, Ministry of Education made an announcement dividing Uttaradit Rajabhat Institution office phase into 4 faculties : Education, Science and Technology, Management Science and Humanities and Social Sciences. And the office of Faculty Secretary is the only one working office of the faculty. The result was the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  setting up 2 new faculties : Agricultural science and Environment, as well as Industrial Technology.

    Later in B.E. 2544, the institution made an announcement setting up 2 more faculties : Agricultural science and Environment with Industrial Technology

    In B.E. 2547, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences set the faculty committee to run the faculty by dividing into 12 programs. These new programs were proposed, Social

    B.E. 2553, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was approved the curriculum of Social Science for Local Development and Departmental Administration was also approved to administer the following Departments:

    1.  Eastern Language Department

    2.  Western Language Department

    3.  Social Studies Department

    4.  Social Innovation Department

    5.  Work of Arts Department


Management team.