Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has 8 phases of policies as follow :

          1.  Policy on Teaching/Learning Management

               1.1  To produce bachelor or higher level graduate in answering the state needs

               1.2  To develop higher educational management into various forms in favor local needs 

               1.3  To develop curriculum in accord with the changing world and local needs

               1.4  To promote the graduates acquiring knowledge, idea and capacity both theory and practice

               1.5  To develop teaching/learning media as well as data network for modern learning in accord

                     with some other working sectors both state and private as well as international organization

              1.6  To promote and develop capacity of both instructors and personnel staff for readiness and accord with locality

              1.7  To participate the studentís entrance for dispersion of chance and equality of education for local people

              1.8  To cooperate educational management among faculties within Uttaradit Rajabhat University together with other institutions as well as some other organization

              1.9  To develop and update the library of the faculty for more efficient service

          2.  Policy on Studentsí Activities

               2.1  To develop studentsí activities system for more efficiency, fluency, freedom answering to needs of the locality

               2.2  To develop studentsí welfare and service of the faculty for various choices, efficiency and throughoutly

               2.3  To develop counselor service and assistance to students for proficiency and  throughoutly

               2.4  To promote studentsí activities management and/or participate both within and outside  activities widely in accord with activity formats that promote and develop according to the ideal of University

               2.5  To develop studentsí personality to acquire morale, ethic, discipline and good conduct according to current economic and politic

              2.6  To promote and support on sport development together with recreation for studentsí health


          3.  Policy on Research

               3.1  To promote Faculty personnel to do their research in specific field or united fields that affect the study

               3.2  To cooperate the cooperation with various sectors both within and outside the faculty for research working and exchanging of researchers

              3.3  To promote staff personnel of the faculty for more research efficiency

              3.4  To support all material for research working

          4.  Policy on Academical Service to social

               4.1  To promote an educational management for specific target groups in various fields and more efficiency

               4.2  To set administrative management system for more efficiency on academicals  service to society

          5.  Policy on Revival, Development and Technology Transference

               5.1  To promote research study with technology application for peopleís quality of life development

              5.2  To promote, revise, transfer and develop local wisdom affect community and people improvement 

          6.  Policy on Revival of Art and Culture

               6.1  To develop local information center of the faculty aiming at study, research on religious, arts and culture

               6.2  To promote students to study and manage activities focusing on religious, arts and culture

          7.  Policy on Producing and Upgrading Teacher Promotion

               7.1  To promote and cooperate an producing and develop teachers right to the field that is needed by locality

          8.  Policy on Administration

               8.1  To develop the administrative model of the faculty for more flexibility and efficiency suitable for being higher educational institution

               8.2  To add up staff personnel of the faculty and develop their capability in accord with the various tasks of the faculty   

               8.3  To promote welfare management in variety domains in order to support spirit and morale of staff personnel

               8.4  To find and develop public utility, building and grounds, hardware, software of the faculty for the convenience of job performance

               8.5  To develop planning system, finance, budget, fund finding as well as incomes and follow up program for the best proficiency

               8.6  To set the faculty database system

               8.7  To establish the database revival two times per term

               8.8  To set up the quality assessment together with safe system

         9.  Policy on Quality Assurance

               9.1  To manipulate technical system available within the faculty which performs duties in teamwork and in accord with the quality assurance of the university

               9.2  To have Faculty committee taken in charge for co-organize and advice giving to ensure the job done of good quality

               9.3  To set up the criteria that affect the faculty quality of education with full responsibility of  the working sector

               9.4   To offer good cooperation with the university and external sector for educational quality assessment aiming to highest development

               9.5  To manipulate public relation on activities dissemination of quality assurance both within and outside the university


Management team.