Main Tasks

               1.  Educational management as well as curriculums development for 4- year programs are as follow :

               -  Thai Language Curriculum

               -  English Language Curriculum

               -  Japanese Language Curriculum

               -  Information Science and Librarian Studies Curriculum

               -  Public Administration Curriculum

               -  Community Development Curriculum

               -  Tourism Development Curriculum

               -  Law Curriculum

               -  Work of Arts Curriculum

               -  Social StudSocial Studies for Local Development Curriculum

               -  International Music Curriculum

          Co-Educational Management with the Faculty of Education

               -  Music  Curriculum

               -  English  Language Curriculum

               -  Social Studies Curriculum

               -  Thai Language Curriculum and Educational Cooperating Management with Local Administrative Promotion

               -  Public Administration Curriculum on Local Administration

          2.  Educational Management for Graduate Level

               -  Curriculum of Master of Public Administration on Urban and Rural Development Administration

          3.  Educational Management on 10 courses of General Education

               3.1  Language Foundation Groups

                      -  1500101  Thai Language for Communication and Study Skill

                      -  1500107  English Language for Communication

                      -  1500103  English Language for Communication and Learning Skill

                      -  1500105  Information Science for Communicative Study Skill

                      -  1500109  English Language for Specific Purpose

                      -  1500110  English Language for Academic Purpose

               3.2  Humanity Foundation Group

                      - 1500104  Truth of  Life

                      - 2000102  Aesthetic of Life      

               3.3  Social Foundation (Select 2 courses)

                      - 2500102  Thai Ways of Life    

                      - 2500103  World Ways of Life

                      - 2500104  Environment and Life

          4.  Foreign Language Development for Students, Faculty Staff  Personnel and Local People

          5.  Music, Art and Culture Development for Students, Community and Society

          6.  Research Development on Humanities and Social Science as well as Education for Local Development

      Higher Education management on Humanities and Social Sciences to meet the locality needs.
      To Develop the faculty as the educational center for graduate development, research, academical service on lower Humanities and Social Sciences.
      The Humanities and Social Sciences firmly aims at upgrading educational quality to produce graduates in accord with tasks assigned by institution.
1.  Produce Humanities and Social Sciences graduates with focusing on student center in  acquiring of knowledge, capability in various skills           2.  Research producing on body of knowledge for teaching learning and locality development.           3.  Offer academical service to locality and community           4.  Preserve and keep Arts together with cultures including good Thai customs.           5.  Participate teacher’s status producing and upgrading


          1.  To produce learned graduates with skilled professional capability with good moral and virtue.

          2.  To acquire, develop and upgrade lecturers to be accepted both within the country and international

          3.  To Develop students to acquire both virtue and morality according to curriculum requirement

          4.  To promote  research conducting to develop teaching learning and locality

          5.  To offer academical service to locality and community

          6.  To promote and preserve good acts and culture of the nation

          7.  To develop administrative management system for more effectiveness

          8.  To develop educational quality assurance system of the faculty for more effectiveness


Management team.